I hereby authorize St. Francis Veterinary Hospital (Service Provider), its staff, and their assistants to render and perform any necessary surgical operations and/or medical treatments that they may decide are required or advisable for my pet.

I further authorize the administration of such anesthetics, treatments, and immunizations against disease as may be deemed necessary while the said animal is in the custody or possession of the clinic.

I acknowledge and agree that I am solely responsible for paying all charges incurred for such procedures and treatment upon picking up our pet. If these charges are not paid, I understand that I will be responsible for additional costs, including reasonable boarding
charges until the pet is picked up and paid for, and any collection costs or expenses may be incurred, including a reasonable attorney’s fee.

I further understand that if our pet is not picked up within 21 calendar days after the day it is due to be picked up, it will be deemed abandoned and dealt with by section 1834.5 of the California Civil Code. This procedure may result in the pet being
rehomed or euthanized.

Food and Water:

Allow nothing by mouth during the first few hours after returning home. In small amounts, water may be given 2 hours after returning home. Food may also be given in small amounts 3 hours after returning home. Be careful – excessive water or food after anesthetic may cause vomiting – inappetence is common after an anesthetic episode, but appetite should return to normal within the first 24 hours. Resume normal water and food consumption on the first full day home following surgery. Feed canned food (or moisten dry food with warm water) and no hard toys or treats for 3 to 5 days.

Veterinary service is provided after Hospital hours as necessary in the judgment of the veterinarian in charge. Continuous presence of qualified personnel may not be provided.